Easy Bell

Way back at the start of the semester, I had an idea.
Over Christmas break, making little gadgets out of Easy Buttons became a hobby. Then, one of them suddenly had a use.

My Honors Biology teacher really liked Easy Buttons and waiter bells, and had two or three on her desk to hit randomly during class. Instead of giving her a regular easy button, making a custom enclosure and grafting on a waiter bell seemed to be a much more geeky idea.

The finished product is just a SteakOut cup, two slightly better speakers, a LED, a cut up headphone cable, a waiter bell, and one Easy Button. I call it the Easy Bell.

When the waiter bell is hit, the hammer strikes two wires along with the outer shell, which makes it ring and activate the Easy Bell guts. The Easy bell then lights up the “nose” which is a LED and says “That Was Easy!” Also attached is a headphone cord that can plug into any MP3 player and play music through the “eye” speakers.

This post was adapted to the berocs.com blog on July 7th, 2021.
It first appeared on newgrounds.com.