The Mothership Maintenance Log #1

Hi there :D

After a year and a half of car ownership, I’ve finally decided to start an all-in-one thread for my 98 EX coupe!

This is going to be a slooooow thread, mostly because I don’t see myself doing much work on my car except for the summer when I’ll hopefully be off campus, and not taking any classes. So, slow thread for the next four years, then we’ll see if a degree changes anything ;)

I bought “The Mothership” the last month of my junior year of high school, from the volunteer supervisor at a planetarium I worked at.

[There was a story here about how I bought this car by giving saxophone lessons for a year, but it was long and boring so I’ve truncated it.]

Along with falling in love with Hondas, I’ve fallen in love with this specific car. As I’ve watched my friends literally tear through cars, and found myself as the only person I know still driving his first car, I’ve realized that I really, really want to keep this car running. And so I’m on a little mission to learn as much maintenance as possible, with the help of anyone willing to chip in advice along the way.

I’ve attached a picture of The Mothership the day I brought it home.
I’m going to try to find some way of attaching images to the thread without having to go through Image Shack. Nothing ticks me off more than to find a good thread and a ton of little “image expired” warnings.

First day home: