The Mothership Maintenance Log #4

Okay, I’ve still got ~100 photos to get through before we’re up to current day :P So here goes:

After cleaning the car I decided that the honda logo in the grille was a little loose, so I cut it out and replaced it with expanded metal for a cooking grill:

Later I went back and spray painted it black, which was a pretty awful idea, but it’s held up fine for a year now ^_^

Next up were the windshield wipers, which had faded to grey and silver. I sanded them down, propped them up, primed, and spray painted each black with some flat black BBQ paint. When I’m done this car is going to cook ribs while I drive xP

Somewhere here I spent time scrubbing down the engine bay, nothing serious, just cleaned everything with a shop rag and got the dirt of of the engine head and exhaust shroud.

That exhaust shroud was pretty bad, and rusting away from the bolts x.x It got spray painted too :D Now I know better, but whatever, at least the BBQ paint is holding up to the heat.

Also, I had no idea if the exhaust whatever-pipes-these-are were supposed to look like this.

Next I took off the hubcaps, because I felt like it. But steelies (? new term to me) are nasty.


They got some BBQ paint too! Shinyyyyy :cool:

More updates on the way, gotta move back on campus tomorrow x.x