The Mothership Maintenance Log #5

Jeffhondadc5 said: looking good so far..

Thanks :D

Okay, more car work blitz.

The trunk leaked. Drove me nuts. Finally found the seam that was leaking and used silicon caulk on all of the seams for good measure. Wouldn’t do it again if I had the option, but it’s held up well so far.

Next, diy headliner ^_^ Took out the cardboard ceiling and pulled the old headliner off, then put new black/dark blue fabric on.

And the finished result:

I must have a thing for BBQ paint, but it looks alright on the trim pieces.

While I had the headliner stuff and all of the trim pulled out of the car, I went ahead and played around with the sunroof unit.

:( I seem to be missing the rest of the pictures from that job, so here’s something to make up for it:

Alright… Next was probably new speakers >.< The driver side door’s speaker didn’t work, and the stock ones looked like soggy cardboard left out to dry, so I pulled all four and bought new cheapo Walmart ones. Three of them went in without a problem, but it turned out that the driver door hinge had a handful of broken wires that kept the speaker from working… Ugh.

Wooo! I hated this part.

I ended up using a little pieces of copper wire to jam down into the plug and then soldered the speaker wire to that x.x So one of these days I need to find a replacement plug to wire in.

Wow, alrighty then. A few more posts and I’ll retire the thread for this semester to be picked back up in the summer.