The Mothership Maintenance Log #6

I’m in Huntsville :P

I think I’m subscribing to this thread

I like this kid!
Thanks Abailey21 ^_^

Okay, I’ve successfully moved back into my dorm, which is something of a feat considering the amount of crap I’ve decided to take to college with me x.x Ahhh, fast internet, how I’ve missed you x)

So, confession: I don’t know the mileage on the Mothership, only that it’s likely over 300k >.< When I got the car, the tachometer was broken at 280, and it’d been out for a few years… The car had been a highway junkie, while my boss and her husband did a lot of travelling before they both became bikers (also red bikes, and also Hondas) and apparently settled down.

Okay, lets burn through some more pictures :D

The old instrument cluster:

I bought a ‘new’ instrument cluster, it showed up in pretty bad condition and without any lightbulbs x( damn eBay:

It’s in Km, but I’ve been dealing with the conversion alright ;)
Also, the new cluster didn’t really fix the problem, it works, but the speedometer adds ~30km to my speed, so at idle it shows I’m going 30Km/h… Oh well

Lets see….
At some point I had a little money saved up, and instead of buying new headlights, I decided to play with my existing ones and keep the money as a backup in case I broke something.

Removing the headlights

Guess what type of spray paint that is? xD BBQ paint FTW

Had to drive to Walmart for some supplies x.x

All sanded down:



Woah, nice! x) (and cheap too!)

I really like those headlights now :cool: