The Mothership Maintenance Log #8

ImportFan1 said: Nice progress. Can’t wait to see more.
:D Thanks

Uhngg >_< First day of classes.

I sanded down the hubcaps and tried painting them black w/ red H’s… The idea was to paint the middle red, then let some school glue dry over the H and then paint the rest black, and peel the glue off of the red H… Didn’t work out as planned though ;P

A friend of mine bought some VHT nightshades, and we tinted the bottom half of the rear lights on my car. A project for my next summer break will be installing some LEDs in the housing to make the lights a bit brighter.


And in daylight:

^ The little sticker next to the license plate is for getting Eagle Scout, my aunt really wanted me to get a bumper sticker, but I really didn’t want to put a bumper sticker on my car xP So she get me the smaller sticker instead.

Also, at some point the ‘Civic’ and ‘EX’ got removed, and the H was painted, no clue when that happened…

I installed a cheap air filter/intake because I was getting fidgety halfway through my senior year in high school x.x It’s in one of the next pictures. I’m still working on welding together a brace for it that attaches where the old filter box went.

Doing some extra polishing: