The Mothership Maintenance Log #9

Yup, stock 96-98 tail lights.

I’m iffy on the tint, but it’s something that will just take either work or money to fix. Again, they’re under a hundred dollars away from a complete replacement. Not cheap for me, but doable.

On the hubcaps:
I didn’t finish them with the red H like I wanted, so they got packed away when I went to college. The last week of the semester I brought them on campus and painted them again in one of the art dept.’s painting booths. They aren’t perfect but idk if I’d like them glossy better after all, and they’ve been growing on me the past few weeks :P It’ll probably come down to whether they stand up well to wear and washing.

Spray painting booth:


Added for mymmeryloss, the hubcaps were beaten to heck and back. I probably sanded a quarter of their mass off to get rid of most of the divets and scrapes.