The Mothership Maintenance Log #11

Thanks guys =)

Okay, I think this is it. Until I get some money/time to do more work, the car is taking second place to school :suprise:

A while back my dad borrowed my car, and returned it with the driver’s side window “broken”. Not cracked, but it no longer went all the way up.

I removed the trim and plastic dirt shield.

Pulled out the window and broken motor system.

Then I replaced the window and propped it up with a piece of PVC. I didn’t want to use a plastic bag, or even make it obvious that the window was dysfunctional to prevent someone trying to break in or whatnot.

Fixing/replacing the motor assembly will have to wait x(

Random extra pictures:

Cardboard! Yay!!


:-\ This picture makes me almost miss the ‘old’ headlights xP

Okie Dokie, cya guys!