Antec Kuhler H2O Clogged

Yesterday I started folding ([email protected]) again after a three week hiatus. No big deal, my CPU has been at its current overclock for the better part of eight months without flinching. So I left to check on my roommate in our common room.

Ten minutes later I’m back, and just for kicks open up [OpenHardwareMonitor] to check on the temps.

My CPU is at 90 Degrees. NINETY DEGREES CELSIUS. Almost boiling. I reach over to feel the back of my water-loop’s radiator to see if the air is hot enough to confirm the temperature reading, and scald myself.

Fast forward two hours. I’ve taken the water block off of the CPU and cleaned the thermal grease off. Even an hour later I can feel that one of the liquid tubes is crazy hot and the other is lukewarm. Something’s blocking the water from getting through the radiator. I really don’t want to take this thing apart, because I don’t know how it operates and it came sealed; it could easily be under pressure or have parts I can’t re-assemble inside. But I start taking screws out and eventually free the copper heatsink plate.

This is what I found:

Editor’s note: Over the next few days Chris-v2013 would try using mouthwash and tap water to clean and get the water loop back into service. It didn’t go well.

This post was adapted to the blog on July 8th, 2021.
It first appeared on the forum.