The Mothership Maintenance Log #13

Alright, Spring Break update!

The biggest change since my last post is finances. I’ve secured a job doing research for my campus! Unfortunately, my dad also lost his job the same month due to whatever-the-hells-going-on-with-the-government. So my first priority is saving up enough to pay for my next semester of college, then save up a little reserve, then take care of my car.

I’m going to start working on a price list of things the Mothership needs, such as I either need to learn how to rebuild the transmission, or save up enough to buy another one, because it’s currently not going to last long x(

The first half of spring break was too cold to do much, and the second half I’ve been sick -_- I did take some time today to clean the steering wheel and shift knob though, and good thing too! I used a mix of a little hand soap and a little laundry detergent in warm water and scrubbed everything down.

Here’s what the towel looked like afterwards:


Alright, that’s about it.