The Mothership Maintenance Log #14

Aaaaaand it’s summer.

Recap since spring break:
– Driver side window is still broken. More on that in a sec.
– Maintenance: I’ve cleaned, sanded, and sealed the headlights again.
– I’ve started working at my new job, just got (and spent) my second paycheck.
– I want to do engine/tran upkeep this summer, but don’t know how and am afraid of going it alone.

Money’s still an issue. I’ve found myself without a laptop and cellphone, so my next couple months of income are dedicated to replacing those.

It’s about to get hot here in Alabama (thankfully it’s been strangely cold though). I need to fix the window.
I believe that I can fix the window regulator gears with an Oxy torch, grinder, and dremel; but my torch is out of commission and has been for a year now… I’m considering buying an eBay replacement (window arm/gears) and just swapping the motor over.

I’m working on plans to install a custom built car computer. If I go through with it, this thread is going to get geeky, sorry.

I also want to remove the rear seats and install a plywood box that will extend the trunk up into the cab. Hoping to get this one fully finished over the summer break.

The transmission is giving me some small trouble; starting to grind again like it did before I refilled with Synchromesh. I can’t for the life of me find genuine Honda MTF anywhere except ebay… And I don’t want to buy it from some random guy on ebay :'(

Now I’m off to read and start threads while I try to figure out what’s involved in replacing the clutch on my car.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but the previous picture of the speedometer. Yeah, it’s broken, the car was sitting still. Hence a building a car computer.

Thread stash for later:
Replace belts and stuff:
Clutch replacement: