The Mothership Maintenance Log #17


The Acetylene torch isn’t getting fixed for a while, so I’m just going to go buy new parts for the window.

It’s tempting to go with the $30 version that doesn’t include a motor, but if the motor’s managed to grind down the gears on the sled, I bet the matching set of teeth on the motor itself are pretty worn, and a motor alone costs as much as the combo motor+regulator ($50).

I also think I’m just going to buy one for the driver’s side. The passenger side window is SLOW (so slow), but I think it’ll be a bit better when I take it apart and clean it, and if it isn’t I’ll go back and replace it later.

Shopping list:

Total cost: ~$70

I’m thinking to buy the trailer grease (need it for my bicycle bearings anyway) and if the regulator isn’t already greased, then pack it with the trailer grease before installing.

Saved for later: the wiper switch is broken on my car, and it’s being held in place by one of those little rubber feet for furniture. So, a replacement:

NOW, once the window is fixed:

I’d like to do some basic maintenance this summer. I’m going to save up for clutch/trans and have it done by a shop. I’d love to do it myself, but I now depend on the car for work, I don’t have any tools except for a nice toolbox my uncle bought me (no power tools, air compressor, impact wrench, etc) and feel that until I have my own place and backup transportation I’ll just have to hope and pray that the mechanics treat my car well :???:

Maintenance list for the summer [updated 5/12/2013]
– Replace timing belt / other belts (or find documentation of when it was last serviced)
– Replace spark plugs / distributor / dizzy cap (replace wires? they’re the originals :lol:)
– Replace fuel filter (maybe clean the fuel tank? It’s been in use for over a decade)
– Remove rear seat and replace with plywood container
– ???
If I have time:
– Do a full coolant flush / clean
– Paint valve cover?
– Fix the oil leak around the top of the engine