The Mothership Maintenance Log #20

Hm, we’ll get to the oil leak in a bit. Thanks for the heads up!

The old window regulator:

The worn gears:

The new regulator:
if (“Handle with care” == “shake well before using”)

It’s a Dorman:

Not happy at all. It’s so flimsy it was even easy to fix.

Side by side comparison:


Wish I had known to use this hole and a ratchet extension to take off the broken regulator x.x

Yaaa, it works!

The window seems to roll up at about the same speed that the original did, albeit much faster than the passenger window.
The new motor sounds kinda whiny and cheap, and makes a not-bad but noticeable clicking sound.

I took a video of me playing with the window, but it took forever just to upload these pictures on my dialup, so I think it’ll be left out.

Till next time,