The Mothership Maintenance Log #28

As I left work today I took the time to really look at my car.

I’m totally happy with it and love to drive. Sorry to disappoint.

Alrighty, time for astro-physics

Job: replace the (supposedly) leaking valve cover gasket.

I’m going to be replacing:
– Valve cover gasket
– Distributor gasket
– Distributor cap(?)
– Spark plugs
– Spark plug wires(?)
– Oil (engine oil change)
– Oil pan gasket (I’m not sure)
– Timing belt (I wish)

Parts list:
– Valve cover gasket
– Distributor gasket
Hondabond / Permatex ultra grey
– Spark plugs
– Spark plug wires
Oil pan gasket + RTV sealant

After reading through the service manual and online, I get that there’s an opening behind the distributor where oil can leak from. Now I really don’t know which seal is leaking, so I’m set on replacing both.

Picture of connection between dizzy and engine:

For the distributor, my manual says that I have to turn the engine over until it’s pointing at the connection for the first cylinder. On forums I’ve read that I can just mark the location and not worry about it. What’s the chances of taking the dizzy off and not getting it to match up and go back on?

I’ve seen spark plugs at Walmart that have four electrodes, quite unlike the ones currently in my car. Any input on what type of spark plugs to get?

For that matter what about spark plug wires? Are those one of the OEM or nothing items?

I’d like to go ahead and remove the oil pan and clean it, I image the interior hasn’t seen the light of day since it was put on the car. Thoughts?