The Mothership Maintenance Log #30

Okay, still gearing up for gasket replacement.

I’m relieved to hear about the notched connection with the distributor, I guess the plan there is to just remove the dizzy and replace the gasket while lining up the notch.

The term OEM is throwing me for a loop. I’m pretty sure it’s worth it to go OEM with the gaskets, but I’m not sure how to tell / where to find them. If an item is described as OE, is that the same thing? I’d still rather buy the parts online and not have to go to a dealer if possible.
(What about, I can find most of the gaskets and stuff there)

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to tackle replacing the timing belt and water pump at the same go, as long as the valve cover is off… Instead my mind is currently made up that I’ll see if I can get a glimpse of the timing belt while replacing the gasket and check to see that it looks alright. Next summer I’ll come back and replace it.

RTV – Ultra Grey
– Walmart

Valve Cover Gasket, Distributor Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket
– Majestic Honda online (link above)?
– Autozone?

Distributor O-ring replacement thread