The Mothership Maintenance Log #38

Alright, ’tis finished.

Culprit: The Distributor, a.k.a “Dizzy”
Convicted of: One count of a totally worn out oil gasket
Sentenced: Six months of hard labor and wanna-be drag racing on public roads.

This is gonna be a long post…And I still didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to.. Brace yourself.

First things first. Raise the ro- … hood, and chalk the wheels!

The engine bay. In retrospect, it looks a heck of a lot like it does afterwards ;)

Wires. Lets not forget how these go, eh?

Pull of the distributor, I’m immediately assured that it’s the source of the oil leak.

Pulled off the cap. Wasn’t really sure just how worn the rotor and cap were… So I replaced them (retrospect, a poor decision)

Just for kicks:

The ugly new cap:

Old and new cap gaskets:

Scold and set aside the dizzy. Drained the oil. Removed the oil filter.

Can’t see the oil filter area, so I took a picture with my camera to check it out:

Removed the PCV valve:

Removed and cleaned the PCV valve hose:

Nipple to the intake manifold:

New valve:


Valve cover off. I honestly felt like I could have just cleaned the gasket off and put it back on with some new RTV. I’m also pretty sure that this is the first time the inside of this cover has seen daylight. Period.

Gross, but not too bad (I mean, for never having seen it before):

Some scrubbing later:

…And after having it cleaned at a shop. Just because:

Getting the new screw-gasket-things onto the bolts was a small nightmare, but eventually worked:

Looks totally different than I had imagined:

The timing belt looked pretty darned good to me:

There was a small delay getting everything back together. So platicwrap.

Got the gasket area as clean as possible. Then applied the Permatex Grey:

New dizzy gasket:

Something seems off…..

When I put the dizzy in wrong… a small layer of the gasket sheared off :oops: I guess I’ll get another and wait to see if it leaks again…


Haven’t gotten new wires yet, probably should sometime.


Jury’s still out on whether this stuff helps, but I’ve used it before and it didn’t seem to be wrecking anything…

Tomorrow I’ll fire ‘er up and see if I did something stupid, like re-wire the spark plugs wrong :roll:

Oh, and I got new LED cabin lights!

It was definitely an expensive project, but also worthwhile (well, check back tomorrow to see about that). I’ll try to get a cost breakdown up here to help me out next time I try doing something like this.

I’d appreciate any recommendations or suggestions based on what you see. Thanks for sticking through the post!