The Mothership Maintenance Log #46

It’s going to be a quiet summer, I tend to drive my car every Tuesday and Saturday; I bike to class and work.

Changed the oil today. 3.5Qt of high-mileage 10W30 and a Bosch DistancePlus 3312 filter. Car still grumbles like an old cat =)

The headlights need to be sanded/rubbed down and resealed about every month, so I’m going to start looking around to replace them.

For the little that I do drive, I’m pan-handled surprisingly often. I would rather be taken for a loop than turn down someone who genuinely needs my help, so I usually do what I can to assist. That said, earlier this month I had an awkward run-in with someone who was very obviously not needing my help. In response, I’ve put together a few kits of camping supplies and food to distribute (as opposed to money or purchasing something on the spot).


Sorted into bags:

In a crate to carry in car:

Anyway, I guess it’s touch-and-go with my maintenance ambitions until I have the time and money ;)