The Mothership Maintenance Log #54

Tomorrow I’m driving up to TN for a computer conference. It’ll be the longest trip I’ve ever taken with the Mothership, and I’m bringing passengers.

In preparation, I reinstalled the entire back seat, and am now cleaning the dinky air filter.

According to Spectre’s not-so-well-designed website, my filter should take 35mL of oil once dry.

I also purchased a Bosch 3312 oil filter and 10w30 Quaker State High Mileage engine oil. I intend to change the oil shortly after returning (it’s been between three and six months I believe).

I’ve got a shopping list together for the end of the semester, if there’s any money at all left:
– New headlight housings
– OBD-II USB adapter
– OEM Crankcase oil
– New rear tires (accompanied by a short daydream of what life without having to pump up my tires every week would be like)

I’m not having much luck searching for Type-R headlights, even on eBay (which I’m not a fan of). I do see a lot of JDM housings though, and they don’t look half bad to me. Thoughts?


Puma said: I REALLY enjoyed seeing you clean and maintain pieces of the car most people do not. But then you ruined the headlights by painting the housings, tails, hubs, and put on that cheap intake. :(

Not to say I’m about to yield to an outside opinion… But I guess OEM/regular headlights are on the table as well?

Welp, Nashville or bust! :P