The Mothership Maintenance Log #55

Phreaknic 18 Conference

conor97hx said: Broke college students ftw
Haha, the broke college students club is in good company ;) IMO, still better than party-hard college student who ignores his car :P I found your HX thread, that’s a swell ride =)

Thanks, Bergi85. The trip and conference went well!

All told my (broken) odometer read 419 ‘units’ round trip. Double checking with a maps tells me that the entire trip should be around 240 miles, or 400km… :shock: So, my European odometer works correctly with the junk data bring fed to it by the fried ECU? Schweet :roll:

Gas cost $23.74. Used algebraically with the possibly correct odo. reading returns $0.057 per km, which is easier to read as 50.5 km per gallon of gas, which may be better understood as 31.4 mpg. Not too shabby, considering 2-3 people and luggage?

I got home too late to change the oil today, and now the weather is getting cold, so I may procrastinate until spring :???:

I was pretty excited to bring my new dslr with me, but ended up with only one worthwhile picture of the friends I attended the conference with,

Oh! And I bought the first part for my super secret awesome car project! It’ll be shipping soon, and then I’ll get to wiring it in for testing!