The Mothership Maintenance Log #56

conor97hx said: Sure is, and haha I’m kinda half and half, but at least I find plenty of time for the car. Working in the cold is beer than being burned alive though

:word: Totally wish I could party, so I’ve got to account for it by writing that off as frivolous :lol:

I may disagree with you over the weather somewhat, even though I live in AL. Last winter both of my headlights went out within a week of each other, and having to reach the harness and replace the bulbs in freezing, dark weather after class was a nightmare. At least on a hot day it would be over in a few minutes, rather than fumbling around that damn wire clip with frozen fingers for an hour.

… Not sure where all of the hatred for that event’s been lurking, it just randomly surfaced. Sorry to rant =) I’ll do my best to get to the oil, schedule permitting.