The Mothership Maintenance Log #59

Back to school, and I just turned 21! Now I can pursue actual ownership of my car :roll:

The Mothership’s been holding up to the “frigid” Alabama winter pretty well, with the exception of the cabin interior.

This all was going on partly during my last post, but I left it out because I thought it would be fixed in time for a short post around now.

I went to visit family for a few days over winter break, and left my car at home. It rained for a solid week. Even with the drainage holes in the boot of the car, water collected heavily in the fabric and seat cushions :x When I arrived home, the car was mouldy.

I quickly threw together a de-humidifier and it kept the problem from getting worse, then I bought some seam sealer from 3M online and waited for it to arrive.

A few days later I fixed the leak around the edge of the trunk.

But wait! There’s something else… Something that I think high school ctag failed to share on this thread. Or at least I can’t find the post in which this next bit is mentioned.

Under the carpet in my car…. Is home carpet padding :shocked2:

That’s right. During that summer when I had a lot of time to play with my new car, I got the idea in my head to try insulating road noise… With a large flat sponge that’s never meant to leave a climate controlled abode.

I even stuffed the leftover material under the interior plastics.

Of course, now I have to tear all of that carpet padding out and throw it away. As soon as I pulled up the carpet, there was water everywhere.

Standing water under the rear seats:

Drying and cleaning everything:

After the leak was fixed and everything dried and put back together, it rained for another solid week. I learned that there’s some other leak than the one I fixed, as the interior is excessively humid again :???: I have no idea how the water is getting in this time.

Alas, the conclusion will have to wait. Almost every day for the past month has been either below freezing, which makes the water removal difficult, or its actively been raining. Tune in next time for another exciting episodic episode…