The Mothership Maintenance Log #62

D: I don’t think I got an email for your post, conor97hx. CTR is on the headlight options list now x)

Unfortunately, I’m incredibly busy with school and work this semester, so I’m just leaving a note here of things to look into later.

The trunk seal seems to be holding up, no more obvious puddles, which is nice. BUT….
Now the doors are leaking. Both of them, right at the doorjam in front of the speaker by the footwell. Every time I get in my car while/after it rains, the panelling beneath both doors has water on it; the leak is such that I can’t tell if the water came from the seal around the door, or from the dash panelling itself :-\

While digging around to see if there was more water inside the dash panelling, I found what looks to be an air filter behind the glovebox?! I have previously searched for topics on cabin air filters, and was under the impression that American Hondas don’t have them. So if this isn’t an air filter… What is it? In any case, it’s filthy and I want to replace it pretty badly. Pictures when I have a spare moment.

Got a chance to sit in the car while it was raining yesterday. I’m pretty sure the water is coming in through the door’s window. There was a plastic film I removed a few years back while cleaning the doors and installing those throwaway Walmart speakers. I bet water is getting around the base of the window and just falling into the car where that plastic used to deflect it. I’ll look into a material to use to patch it, may be a good time to replace the driver side window motor as well.