The Mothership Maintenance Log #64

Sorry to hear about your HX, that really sucks :???:
Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know if I think of something!
For the moment though, the only part I’m really concerned with locating a replacement for is the transmission, which has steadily declined over the past few years.

Updates! :P

The MTF change has made a considerable improvement in shifting, I think I’m going to be more adamant about changing the MTF at the appropriate interval..

Yesterday I decided to go ahead with the fuel filter replacement, and had a pretty bad time of it. The shop that I take my car to is actually something more like a machine shop, so there isn’t much in the way of car-specific tools. Even so, I was sorely disappointed to have the fuel filter half-off and find that we really just don’t have a full set of wrenches anywhere… So I had to re-attach the filter (ugh) and drive home to use my own tools. Working in twilight I was able to remove the old filter, and more-or-less attach the new one. I feel like the bottom seal didn’t go back on as securely as it was; and I don’t know what kind of flare nut wrenches to buy (inch or metric?). All in all it went pretty poorly as I also crunched my hand with a wrench and marred the nut for the filter’s seal.

You can kinda see here that there’s a mm or two of exposed thread on the bottom of the filter. Also, I guess you have my VIN now ;)

The car seems to idle a little better with the new filter, before it used to be around 100rpm and threaten to stall, now its a little higher and more constant; though I may still adjust the idle directly to bring it up higher.

To make up for mess with the fuel filter, I went ahead and installed the new headlamps that came in the mail! They were just el-cheapo housings, I have no expectations that they’ll hold up well.

And with the hood closed

Next up: coolant change!