The Mothership Maintenance Log #65

Awesome, thanks ShinsenTuner! The thought of tearing out the transmission is a little scary, but I may get it this summer, or drive it until I don’t have a choice :what:

More shoddy maintenance work went on yesterday. The idle was still lower than I’d like. Hayne’s manual says 670+-50, I’m looking for 500+-50, and right now its at ~250.

So…. I adjusted the idle set screw

And got it bumped up to about 400.

Next I tried cleaning the IAC, though it didn’t clean up very well, and the wire mesh over one side was punctured.

Oh well.. Scrubbed, washed, and reinstalled. At first, I thought I’d really dun goofed, because the engine refused to idle, and would just bounce the RPMs as if I’d removed the brake booster line. But after a few minutes it settled down, and now idles pretty close to 500 =)