The Mothership Maintenance Log #66

Thanks guys o/

I purchased a set of metric flare nut wrenches.

Dunno if I remembered to follow up on this, but I flushed the coolant about once a week for three weeks during the summer, and then put an antifreeze mix back in. Need to remember to check the mix for freeze point before the weather gets much colder.

Changed the oil tonight:
– 3.5 Qt Pennzoil High Mileage 5w30
– 3312 Bosch Premium Filter

Only got 3 Qt out of the car. Bottom of the oil pan and engine was slick. I couldn’t find the source of the leak, will have to check again in a few days or go get some UV dye.

Both of the rubber “Tower of Hanoi” boots on the end of the axle that connects to the wheels are busted, and have flung all of the grease out. I’m a little pissed that the shop I visit for alignment didn’t mention it, since they’ve been cracked for forever, and I just thought it was OK. Need to do some research to see what’s required for me to fix this myself.

Now that I’ve seen the boots, I also recall that there’s a clicking sound when I make a hard turn.

Also, one of the rubber motor mounts is perforated with pretty deep cracks. I’m wondering if that is why my engine is apt to lurch so much while shifting 1st and 2nd.

Work to be done. Shame that this is both an intensely busy year of school, and we’re on the doorstep of months of cold weather.

I’m thinking of buying a motorcycle. It’s hard to justify the cost, but I want one (slightly impulsive) and I also want reliable alternate transportation so that I can put the Mothership out of commission for a week at a time and get some work done on it. Just a thought for now, though I’ve wasted plenty of time on Craigslist looking at Honda Nighthawks and Rebels.