The Mothership Maintenance Log #67

New CV axles installed :D

– Both front CV axles ~$150
– Deadblow Hammer $10.89
– 32mm Socket for axle nut $9.80
– Replacement nut for driver side suspension yolk $2.71
– Ball joint separator + pry bar $25.70

Two days, left the car overnight when we couldn’t get the castle nut off of the lower arms. Had to wait for the automotive store to open the next day to buy a ball joint separator. Total of about 8 hours.

OK, to start off we (myself and a friend) jacked the car up and removed both wheels. Then removed both lower castle nuts (directly below the brake disks) and wailed for hours on the ball joint; it didn’t budge. We ended up giving up after four two of hammering on the joints to no avail.

The next morning I bought the deadblow hammer and ball joint separator. That did the trick, and with a little help from an impact driver on the separator, we got the joints apart. Then replacing the two CV axles was straightforward, pulled the old ones out, snapped the new ones in, and lost about a tablespoon of MTF.

Up on bottle stands.

Got the castle nut off, and then COULD NOT get the stupid lower joint free.

Goodnight Mothership :|

Next morning: joint free and old axle removed!

Passenger side looking in at the oil seal to the transmission. Looks OK to me.. Didn’t change it.

Breaking free the driver side joint with the new tool.

Looks like there’s a vacuum hose next to the tie rod that’s just loose? Not sure what’s going on there..

New CV axle installed!

And that’s a happy little car ;) Hood hasn’t been latched back down yet in this picture.

Cool, cool. Was excellent to have my friend’s help, the benefit of having someone nearby who has an understanding of this mechanic work is invaluable! Also, I’ve got another maintenance item on my list now: replace the tie rods, since they’re rusted and the driver side boot is broken.