The Mothership Maintenance Log #70

@jameswanser, Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind when I go back to get the tie rods fixed up.

The semester is over. That much closer to being done with this school :party1:

Back in November I found another gas log notebook. All in all there are 4; I have the two most recent. Using the discovery from the trip to Phreaknic back in 2014, I crunched a rough low end estimate of the mileage on this engine.
Result: ~304,839 miles.
If the ECU/dash is to be trusted, then I’ve put about 30,000 miles on the Mothership since it was purchased in 2011.

So this past Tuesday I took some time to play around. The clear coat on the car has always had some etched stains from bird droppings, and I wanted to see what could be done about it.
I gathered rubbing compound, a clay bar kit, some detailing spray, and paste wax. Started with the rubbing compound and had to spend an obscene amount of time on it to get any results. Then I went over the area with the clay kit to remove as much of the compound from the clear coat cracks as I could. Went over it with a detailing spray to make sure the area was nice and clean, and then finished with a good buffing of wax. The attached image is of the first stain I worked on, and so it got the best results, as the daylight and nice temperature waned I hurried and got more mediocre results on the latter half of the dozen or so similar spots.

Before image

After image (taken the next day)

Not entirely gone, but better than it used to be :what: Just getting those deep crevices in the clear coat cleaner helped a lot. I don’t have any delusions of turning the car into a show stopper, but it was nice to do something trivial with my time after jogging around with my hair on fire at college for the past few months.

That’ll probably be it until this summer. Take care :thumbs up