The Mothership Maintenance Log #71

It’s been a rainy, warm Christmas down here. Turns out the “wax on windshield” procedure worked wonders. I don’t know what the downside may be, or how long it will last, but for the past few days of almost constant rain the windshield wipers have worked incredibly well!

The little work I did on the clear coat was unhelpful. The web cracks are all noticeable again. From here on out I’m just going to do the best I can at maintaining the finish at it’s current level, as I think scrubbing on it probably did more harm than good.

I’m pretty excited to share some news with you guys. I’ve been talking with a coworker over the winter break from college, and he’s agreed to sell me (really, he’s giving it away) his Del Sol. It’s a cute little car, blue matte finish, working targa top, and some aftermarket engine work (I think, need to take another look under the hood sometime). Anyhow, looking forward to it!