The Mothership Maintenance Log #74

Earlier this week I posted a thread about the engine issues, and eventually found that one of the spark plug wires was loose. Thinking that it was the seals in the valve cover causing trouble, I geared up to pull the VC and take a look.

Parts from Rock Auto wouldn’t arrive in time, so I thought maybe the Z16Z6 gasket I have lying around would fit. It looked like it would, so I went ahead and decided to use the Z16 gasket along with Kurisutin’s old spark plug wires to replace the current ones (#1 was damaged).

I got the car on stands and started replacing the oil and oil filter while I was at it. I pretty quickly noticed that the valve cover seals were leaking a little oil out onto the spark plug wires, but the reason for the disconnect was exhaust leaking past the spark plug. Turns out I only hand-tightened them back in high school when these spark plugs were installed :shock: and I drive like a wuss, so it just wasn’t a problem for years and years.

** I also replaced the spark plug wires, dizzy, and rotor with new parts today (26-3-16) I like the Bosch dizzy, but one of the bolt mounts cracked almost immediately.

** I also put white lithium grease on the clutch slave, at the little joint between the piston and the fork. Annoying squeaking noise is all gone for now!

Valve cover was still squeaky clean :suprise:

Cleaning junk out of the spark plug tube

The spark plugs cleaned up pretty well, and seemed to be in good shape, so they went back in. With a torque wrench this time.

The old tube seals with a new flimsy one. This was a DNJ VC296G valve cover gasket kit from rockauto, and it was pretty shoddy. Will not buy again.

They look like they’re designed to let as much oil past as possible :what:

Aaaaand, the Z16Z6 gasket doesn’t fit. Luckily the old gasket was in really great condition for being a few years old, so I put new RTV on it and it went back in :(

All done. I’m pretty unhappy with the result, but it’s just a matter of coming back with the proper supplies this summer.