The Mothership Maintenance Log #78

dillon2swift said: I really liked what I read, you have done a really fantastic job. Sometimes you need to take your car to a shop and have it looked over for preventative maintenance, doing all the work yourself is awesome. But let someone else take a look too. Sometimes you can over look something or have no idea or experience on something. Keep up the good work, crazy how you kept this thread going for almost 3 years. Good Luck!

Thanks man :mrgreen:

You know, that’s some really solid advice, and I’ve actually been orbiting around similar trains of thought for the past few months. I like the idea of doing my own maintenance, but the truth is I’m just playing around really, and I like the car too much to be OK risking it because I make a mistake. The real reason I haven’t been going to a shop has mostly been financial, but with any luck I’ll graduate from college in December of this year, and then I can start setting aside money that will go to professional automotive work :thumbs up