The Mothership Maintenance Log #80

ctag said: It’s been a rainy, warm Christmas down here. Turns out the “wax on windshield” procedure worked wonders. I don’t know what the downside may be, or how long it will last, but for the past few days of almost constant rain the windshield wipers have worked incredibly well!

*clears throat* And one year later… It’s rainy and cold again :mrgreen:

This time I decided to drop the cash for new windshield wipers and some Rain-X spray-on solution. Working great so far :thumbs up

My friend pointed out recently that I have some latent issue with how I put life on hold during college. I was whining that my car slid into an intersection during rain recently and said: “I don’t get it, those tires are brand new.. They’re only…. wow, five years old? Damn.” And the wipers were close to the same age as the now-balding tires :| Where the hell did the last few years go? I feel way too young to be saying something like that.

Looks like once I have my degree (last final exam is later today :headbang:) I’ll be able to work full time at my research gig; so sometime next year I should be able to start saving up for car stuff. I want to put the Mothership here up on stands, pull the engine and transmission, and either rebuild them myself or have a shop do it. I want to get a few more reliable miles out of that engine and this car if I can by any means.