The Mothership Maintenance Log #88

Ok, well the tools need to be returned in about a week, and the weather this weekend was amazing, so I went ahead with replacing the clutch and flywheel.

This has been a long time in the works:
Back when I bought the car, I noticed a few annoying sounds that I thought (maybe because the original owner told me, I don’t remember) was “the synchros going bad”. A quick description of the two sounds: A “shu-shu-shu” whirring while the car is idling and the clutch is engaged (it stops when the peddle is down), and a “vrrr-RRRR!” rattling/vibrating sound during midrange RPMs. Neither sound developed or got worse over the past five years of college, and so I forgot about them until I owned a Del Sol for a short while last year. Driving that (and listening to it) made me start paying attention to my civic again, and I re-evaluated that the noises were both the result of a failing clutch throwout bearing. This weekend’s endeavor was to learn if the sounds were actually caused by the clutch or not.

The whole job was really rushed, so I didn’t take many pictures at all, but it all came together before the end of the three day weekend, which was nice.

Start moving stuff out of the way of the transmission:

I made some temporary brackets to hold an LED tube, and it was a game changer, so much light :thumbs up

Had a friend come over and help with the actual transmission removal, lowering, clutch replacement, and reinstallation.

We definitely half-assed the “support transmission while lowering” part:

The old clutch pressure plate, unfortunately I don’t have a better picture, but the teeth have nice grooves worn in them:

Transmission out, apparently the clutch dust is toxic?

That’s the last of the pictures :cry: The new clutch went in pretty well, but the end result is that neither of the noises are gone (I now definitely suspect the transmission), and the clutch pedal is SO SMOOTH. Seriously, I thought it was broken at first, because there was so little resistance in the pedal’s action.

A few closing notes:
– I tried finding where in the shift linkage all of the slop is coming from. The lever will move ~1.5″ back and forth while in gear, which is a lot compared to the Del Sol’s. I didn’t find anything, so it looks like the wiggle is coming from inside the transmission :???:
– I stripped the bolts that go into the engine on the engine-transmission stiffening mounts :| They’ll need to be helicoiled next time this thing is apart.
– If the flywheel dust cover is back in place before reinstalling the transmission, the engine-transmission stiffening mounts can be left on. Otherwise, they have to come off, and so does the exhaust pipe.
– The MTF was just changed a few months ago, and I didn’t want to needlessly waste it, so I didn’t drain the transmission. Some MTF spilled out of the CV axle openings during the whole operation, but not a whole lot, and I was able to top if off once the transmission was back in.
– I COULD NOT get the shift linkage’s b***h pin out. We ended up giving up and just removing the other side of the linkage. While reinstalling the transmission it’s really important to make sure the two rods in the linkage aren’t crossed, because it’s a huge pain to fix once the transmission is bolted back in place.