The Mothership Maintenance Log #89

Writing isn’t my thing, I usually make something and then come back later and think it sounds dumb and delete it. Anyways, actual car talk is below the image.

I vaguely remember the week I got The Mothership — this car. I was a highschool student, the worst storm in decades had just hit, and we were beginning a week without electricity. Luckily my new ride was stranded inside an automotive shop for an inspection and thus was spared from hail and tree limbs. Once the roads were clear we got the car home, and then I wasn’t allowed to drive it until my dad sorted out insurance. I spent the next few days climbing around and trying to get a hang of what all goes into a Honda to make it move; I spent a lot of time out there charging my cellphone too :roll: There was something special about ownership that just fascinated me. I was responsible for this thing now (though my parents helped out a lot the first year) and it would only be as reliable and fun as the work and money I put into it.

I still get that feeling sometimes when I go out and start my car, a shot of exhilaration that my day is looking up. Having something like that has been indispensable during college. When bad classes became haywire semesters and bad semesters became a disgusting and unfulfilling academic experience, I could always just take refuge in the occasional scenic drive. It helped a lot. This civic has been one of the few constants over the past couple of years, it’s never let me down unless I did something wrong and asked for it. I feel quite fortunate that The Mothership kept running with the meager TLC I occasionally provide, but now it’s time to step up and really deliver the maintenance I’ve been promising myself is coming.

I brought this transmission home from a craigslist deal today for $100. It’s supposedly an S40 from a 1997 DX; has been sitting for two years but was in good running condition before that. It looks like this replacement is pretty similarly geared, though I just intend to use it temporarily, so who cares.

My plan is to drop it into The Mothership and then take my time and properly rebuild the original transmission. I’m certainly capable of scrubbing it down and doing the swap, but I’d like some help figuring out if there’s anything I should replace or inspect ahead of time like axle seals or cracking the case to have a peek. Thoughts?