The Mothership Maintenance Log #93

Used a jack to lift it into the engine bay.

It doesn’t line up :|

I get tired and bring in the big guns.

It still doesn’t line up :???:

I try adjusting the way it’s hanging to reduce the amount of effort it takes to twist the MT level and line up the input shaft.

Won’t line up. I’m scratching the pressure plate and worried I’ll accidentally budge the clutch out of alignment.

Double check that the clutch is aligned properly. It is.

Three hours into trying to install this MT, and I realize that it has an alignment dowel that’s also in the engine! No wonder it wouldn’t line up.

I have trouble getting the MT back up into the engine bay.

Removed the front MT mount.

I tried using the floor jack to lift the MT up and then wrestle it into place, and I’ve tried using the engine crane to hold the transmission up while I orient it. Nothing’s worked. Then I tried adjusting how high the engine was being held up by the second jack, and that doesn’t seem to help either. Now I’m exhausted, I’ve been working to get this transmission to line up for SEVEN HOURS, twice as long as it took to get the old one out. Unlike the clutch replacement we did a month ago, my mechanic friend isn’t around to save my sorry ass, and I’ve already thrown my hands up several times and given up just to walk back out after searching for tips online.

I crawl back under the engine lift, try one more time, and it pops into place.

That’s the end of the pictures. I throw everything back together, and am finally ready to test drive around 11pm, 15 hours after starting this project.

My mechanic friend gets off work and drops by, we fire up the engine and…. The transmission releases a demonic scream of shrieking, churning metal. :x All that work, and this replacement MT is more broke than the one I just removed.

The car drives, but it sounds like death. I’ve incrementally flushed 10qt of 10-w30 engine oil through it just to clear out debris. The first flush came out black with metal shards, the second had a lot of metal dust, the rest had pretty clean oil drain out. After the flushing the noise is a little bit lessened, but still present.

Now I’m stuck with it for at least a few days until my arms heal enough to try lifting a transmission again. :angryred: