The Mothership Maintenance Log #94

The temp MT is still holding. I even used the interstate going home last night and it actually drove alright.. I still haven’t torqued everything down, but now I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it.

I think I’m going to go ahead with the rebuild on my original MT. I found a friend who’s done this before and he’s offered to let me use his tools and knowledge, so things are looking good there.

I need to double check, but it looks like I likely have an S40 b000 transmission. The s40 means that the shift fork is steel, and the b000 means that the bearings are larger?

This appears to be the rebuild kit to get. I’ll be able to afford it in about a month.

I’m looking into how I can clean up the transmission housing and bolts. We have a parts cleaner at the shop that needs repairs, then I can use it on the separated sides of the transmission, and I can try some home cleaning methods (vinegar and a hotplate) for the bolts to see what works.

It looks like I’d need to get the bolts re-plated if the cleaning method removes oxides, because otherwise they’ll rust… I might try doing the zinc plating myself, since there are some good tutorials online.