The Mothership Maintenance Log #95

XpL0d3r said: Damn, that sucks about the new tranny being a bum! That same thing happened to me, I know the feels.

Try some purple power to clean up the tranny grime (that sounds gross lol)

Yeah. I started the engine, slowly let off the clutch, and as soon as I heard the noise I just cut the engine and sat there for a while. I wasn’t really surprised considering what a gamble a non-rebuilt craigslist find like this is, but it was still frustrating.

I’ve got like a gallon of purple power and simple green standing by :P I may actually be going crazy though, because I just did a test run of cleaning a leftover bolt via vinegar bath. When it came out all of the grime just fell off, but the vinegar also removed the zinc dichromate plating on the bolt, and it rusted. So now I’m looking into homemade zinc electroplating so I can electroplate all of the bolts and make them impervious to rust again… Definitely interested in people’s thoughts on this, I’ll post pictures once I’ve tried the electroplating process.

Tambini said: Just wanna say thanks for posting this. gives me ideas as to what to do on my 98 civic. Also car looks good keep it up.

Thanks @Tambini :mrgreen: