The Mothership Maintenance Log #96

710times said: Love it man. Keep it up. I just got a 2000 civic ex coupe.
Thanks :mrgreen: Let me know when your build thread is up :thumbs up

Ok, so I’m actually pursuing electroplating, if anything just because it might be fun :roll:

Here’s the sample bolt:

First, the bolt soaks in a vinegar bath for 24 hours. All of the crud just dissolves, but so does the Zinc Dichromate (I think) plating that used to protect the bolt from rusting. Now I need to replace the old plating with new Zinc plating.

To do that, I’m starting with the simplest home recipe I could find online:
* 6 cups of water
* 6 cups of vinegar (acetic acid 5%)
* 6 tablespoons of Epsom salt
* 6 tablespoons of table sugar

Let it all dissolve (I’m using an old crock pot):

Get some Zinc shavings:

Let the Zinc dissolve for about 24 hours:

I did all of that over the weekend. This morning the zinc shavings were almost entirely dissolved into the vinegar acid bath, next step is to try plating a part and see if it works!