The Mothership Maintenance Log #98

I’ve been walking around with a re-plated washer on my keychain, and it hasn’t held up well:

So, as much fun as it was, I’m shelving plans to electroplate car parts. I’ll just scrub everything down and go from there with rebuilding the transmission.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t ordered any parts, but I got the transmission cracked open to take a peek and start cleaning.

I’m using this manual, since I cannot find site to buy one from:

The setup:

Took off the hanger and bearing-spring bolts:

Opened the port to the snap-ring:

Unbolted the case, following the recommended zig-zag pattern:

I’m trying to do this as methodologically as possible:

Got the case cracked… And then it seized and wouldn’t separate :x Called a friend over to help, and we determined that one of the aligning dowels was rusted and stuck. A couple hours of carefully prying on the two halves and they finally came apart:

There it is! :D