The Mothership Maintenance Log #100

XpL0d3r said: I can’t really help with the transmission issues, and this may be the same as to what you’re using now for a service manual, but I figured I’d throw it out there:

Keep us posted on the progress! :thumbs up

Awesome, I’ve got it downloaded. Thanks!

I’ve been trying to do my own research ahead of time too. It looks like Synchrotech parts are A+ now, whereas they had some design and fabrication issues on the carbon synchros back in the late 2000’s. This car is my daily driver, and gets babied like crazy, but I’m still eyeing the carbon synchros for this rebuild… It’s probably the effect of whatever mental bias prefers expensive things because they “must be better”.

This is the Synchrotech kit I’m looking at:

Along with a rebuild kit, I think I’ll also need:
– Replacement crush washers (dealer?)
– Hondabond / Permatex Grey
– New set-bearing springs (if the old ones are out of spec, haven’t checked)
– MTF (already have)
– Shift linkage rebuild kit/bushings
– I was planning on replacing the forks… But the old ones look fine, I’ll see if there’s a tolerance check to run on them in the service manual.
– Slide hammer and bearing puller (don’t own those tools yet)
– Hydraulic press? :???:

I’m pretty worried about damaging something while doing this rebuild, and then having the whole transmission fail a while after putting it back in the civic. We’ll see how it goes, having a service manual certainly helps..