The Mothership Maintenance Log #99

Measured the reverse fork pin: ~0.203mm, which is within the 0.5mm service limit.

Then I measured the reverse gear and fork clearance: ~0.660mm, which is within the 1.8mm service limit:

After that I removed the reverse fork and gear, baggied them and called it a good day.

I noticed that two of the forks have strange coloring, see where the ends are bright white metal?

What’s going on there? I suspect it has something to do with the fragility of these forks that people complain about?

With the case apart, I can hear some “scratchy” noise from the top of the countershaft while the input splines are turned by hand.. I’m pretty sure that’s what made the bad sound while I was driving on this transmission, but I can’t pinpoint what exactly is causing it.

Also, most of the gears have some amount of notching and wear… Can anyone help me determine what level of wear that is (light, heavy) and whether it’s worth investigating replacement gears as well?