The Mothership Maintenance Log #106

Got the countershaft disassembled, cleaned, and put back together today. Unfortunately I did it wrong and have to take it back apart soon :x

Other side of the housing emptied out and cleaned:

Had to rent a bearing puller and slide hammer to get the countershaft end bearing out:

Removing the lock nut:


Old synchros, they look great to me

The new hub and synchro:

Cleaned everything in a parts washer. One of the sleeves for the needle bearing was seized, and I ended up just leaving it alone.

Reassembled :cool:

In the above image, the second bearing from the top didn’t get replaced even though I have a replacement in the rebuild kit :( I’m going to pull it back apart and change that out.

Also, I’m not able to get the new hub to seat and click into a gear by hand. It’s being stopped by the new synchro snap rings :puppyeyes Does it just need to be broken in? Or is it improperly installed? The old one just had a nice satisfying click and would jump into place.