The Mothership Maintenance Log #116

My buddy and I were just discussing: if the craigslist transmission had been in perfect shape, then this rebuild and swap wouldn’t feel nearly as gratifying :P

Yesterday I put about 100 miles of gentle shifting on the car with 10w-30 in the transmission, then drained it and filled with Honda MTF. Going to give it a few weeks of gentle driving and monitor the situation as carefully as I can. Next I want to try Synchrotech’s custom blend of Torco MTF and see how that does.

Shifting is still a bit ragged (not grinding audibly, but I can feel some clacking as it meshes into gear), I’m not sure if that’s just the carbon synchros still needed break-in or if I’ve just forgotten how a working car feels :what: Or… maybe the carbon synchros aren’t contacting the full surface area of the gears because of uneven wear :shock:

I’m already interested in the next project. Wheels and brakes need attention. The suspension needs repair or replacement. Still want to chase after an engine rebuild too. Probably wheels and brakes are next while I save up for the other projects.