The Mothership Maintenance Log #120

Today was wash and wax day.

The past few years haven’t been kind; the clearcoat is getting really worn out, and is chipping off of the front bumper and passenger door. I want to do something cheap to keep the exterior together for just a while longer until I’m ready for an expensive whole-car repaint.

First I plasti-dipped some trim under the driver side window.

So about 8 coats went on, and you can still see the areas where the old rubber chipped off, but overall it looks much better.

Next up was the clearcoat.

Test spot on driver side headlight. Had already chipped the edge hanging clearcoat off.

Wet sanding. You can see where the paint came off on the far side. Unfortunately I hadn’t bought any matched paint, and no local stores carry it, so now I’m waiting on a shipment before continuing.

Passenger side door, the bit I’m actually worried about.