The Mothership Maintenance Log #122

Good stuff. That’s the kind of instruction I need for repairing the door.

As for the bumper, it’s so pockmarked that I really don’t care. I’ll eventually either re-paint the entire piece or replace it. It does serve as a good testbed for trying paint+clearcoat.

I went ahead and slapped on some clearcoat just to see it.

Of course, peeling the tape off took more clearcoat with it.

First coat. Immediately worked wonders for the chipped area to the bottom right, but makes it really obvious that the Duplicolor paint is a shade lighter.

Done. It definitely doesn’t look great, but I’m interested in seeing how it holds up. I can always come back later and do a nice job feathering like mymmerloss said.

It appeared to work so well that I decided to go right ahead and hit the center of the bumper with some clearcoat as well. For this I chipped off the loose clearcoat, lightly sanded, and then clearcoated. Again, I’ll be keeping track of how well it lasts.

After shots:

All in all I think I learned stuff, so besides the paint-can explosion I’m happy with it.