The Mothership Maintenance Log #124

Just a kinda interstitial update I guess.

Transmission is still holding. Still shifts hard, esp 3rd and 4th. Feels like the new synchros aren’t getting purchase needed to slow down the gears, and then the collar collides with the gear teeth a little. I had gotten used to it, but let my older sister’s boyfriend drive the car and he had a little frustration with shifting that I caught on to.

Haven’t done anything else with paint. Bumper is waiting for me to find time to wetsand it and see how well I can blend the new clearcoat in. Down the road I’m going to strip the whole bumper and try painting with a paint gun instead of rattle cans.

The clearcoat on the top of the car is starting to degrade faster. Not much to do for it but keep the car clean and waxed. I will eventually have the whole car painted professionally, just not soon.