The Mothership Maintenance Log #125

No updates on the painting, it’s been a really humid summer here. As though that’s an excuse or something.

I’m hunting down an issue that may not even exist with my AC. Air conditioning at highway speeds is.. eh, reasonable I guess. Air conditioning in city traffic is almost never better than having the windows down, because the AC turns warm after a few minutes and usually doesn’t recover for the rest of the ride. And then some days the AC appears to refuse to turn on at all, and only warm air gets through.

– AC fan is dead, leaving the condenser to bake without proper cooling.
– Pressures are off / slow leak somewhere. Totally possible, need to borrow gauges and check.
– Old Civic AC systems just don’t blow cold air like newer cars I’ve ridden in.
– Cabin hot/cold selector is bad and letting warm air in even at the farthest “cold” setting.

I just checked the AC fan after driving in to work, and it appears to be operating. Spins up and pulls plenty of air through the condenser radiator.