The Mothership Maintenance Log #133

Balanced and aligned the tires at Tire Engineers on Saturday. Got a 3-year alignment plan. I’m pretty surprised by 1) how expensive this stuff all is, and 2) how much the subtle difference it makes matters.

The last of the new brakes parts arrived today, and I found out the rotors are the wrong size and don’t fit my Civic :| So I need to figure out how to return them. Went out and got some OEM rotors from O’Reilly’s in the meantime since I want the new brakes installed for a road trip this weekend.. Wound up getting the front rotors and pads installed and flushed both lines with DOT-4 brake fluid tonight.

The new brakes work very well, but I’m worried there’s some air in the line. While I was flushing the brake fluid, a lot of bubbles were coming out of the driver side nozzle, almost as though the nozzle’s threads to the caliper was damaged and leaking.

I also put some dressing on the belts to fix a squeak, and put some engine oil on the hood release cable, since it was sticking.