The Mothership Maintenance Log #135

And this afternoon I replaced the rear brake shoes and drums.

Once I had the first drum off, it was pretty obvious that the rear brakes still have 50% life left. I really wouldn’t have replaced them except I already had the parts, and didn’t want to trust packing the new parts away for a few years.

I had to press this stud for the hand brake into the new shoes… That’ll be fun to deal with later.

And the passenger side rear brake slave cylinder has a tiny brake fluid leak that I didn’t repair. I know having a brake fluid leak is a big deal, but not enough has leaked out over the past 6 years to cause me to suspect any problems, so hopefully it stays like that. Next time I do this though, definitely need to rebuild that cylinder. And I’ll keep a close eye on the brake fluid level in the meantime.

Done! Hopefully it’s ready for another decade of use :thumbs up

Unfortunately, I think the new drum brakes add a little bit of vibration when stopping.. So I really should have left the existing setup alone from a functionality standpoint, but I did learn how these brakes work while doing this, and that counts for something.