The Mothership Maintenance Log #137

Yeah, I like my car :mrgreen:

The way a lot of people approach not just cars in particular, but everything in life with complete apathy really gets to me. So I’m glad I got to go to the car events a few weeks ago and meet some passionate people, and I’m glad there are forums like this one that I can read through and learn from.

In fact, since Thanksgiving is coming up, I think I’ll mention it if anyone asks:
gathered around the dinner table, heads bowed
“And I’m thankful for the dope builds on ClubCivic and all the OG wrench heads out there. Oh yeah, and VTEC. Amen.”

Anyway, the wheel cylinder parts are ordered. I haven’t had much luck finding information about rebuilding these things (albeit it looks pretty simple) so I’m going to try and take some detailed pictures to post here :thumbs up

And I did check on the driver side front caliper bleeder screw again. Seems to tighten down just fine. I think the issue was that a lot of air was leaking past the threads and into the fluid while I was trying to vacuum it out earlier. Travis and I figured out you can just spear some brake grease at the seam of the threads to fix that.