The Mothership Maintenance Log #138

Finally got around to taking the leaking wheel cylinder apart :thumbs up

I’ve also noticed that the new shoes rub on one section as the drum turns… I want to figure out what causes that, and how to fix it.

Bought some new bleeder screw caps, since some of the originals are on the way out.

I used one to cap off the hydraulic line once the wheel cylinder was removed:

There it is!

I bought two brands of rebuild kit, so I could compare quality and pick the one I like best.

The Doorman one looks decent. The rubber pieces seem well-made.

Ah, but the Centric parts arrived in a sealed bag with instructions!

Centric on the left, it looks much more “OEM” than the Doorman one.

There’s a lot of crud?? Kinda weird…

I start cleaning everything up. Oddly, the seals look fine.. so I don’t know how this thing was leaking :what:

Centric replacements at the top.

At the character limit… Continued below.